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Www thedatingrulebook com

We were talking rings, she was telling me she loved me all seemed great as we headed toward marriage and 4 days later she breaks up.

Two weeks later she is in a relationship on faceboook.

But even if she was seeing him some while seeing me is it not still sick on her part? For the last 4 weeks I have not looked at any pages or emailed or texted. You pushed her out of your life emphatically, but part of you was hoping she would be a wreck a long time, and not be able to go on. And that's by ensuring your own well being and health.

To be talking marriage with me a week before she breaks up and then engaged 7 weeks later is still sick right? She's probably well-adjusted and that other guy was able to do in seven weeks what you couldn't do in ten months. I did ask a friend to keep an eye or the finaces page so in six months after I was healed I could know what happened between them. The truth is, you pushed her out for a reason and what she does now should be of no concern because you are better off. I suggest you do it by having a long hard think about how someone you invested so much in can now be so fickle.

Either she was seeing him far longer during your time together or she is flat out lying to her friend to make you jealous OR she really is engaged and if she follows through and gets married shortly thereafter, then that marriage will undoubtedly go down in flames. I love being on this board because just when I think I've seen it all, someone will come in and post something like, "My girlfriend just left me for a well hung African Elephant -- Sending me pictures of her safari. " Below is the link to our story in brief or check my name and posts.

One of my friends calls me up 3 days ago and tells me she is engaged!After the first date, we instantly connected and we had a great time, so I kissed and hugged her goodbye.Last Friday we went out for the second time, and it went even better.He lives 3 hours away and she is only free on Wed's and every other weekend when she does not have her kids. wouldnt be surprised if you told us she is insecure and co-dependent. This sounds very familiar Stop looking at her FB page. If she is that foolish to get engaged at such a fast clip she is sure to crash and burn, and burn hard. I finally went back but made sure I blocked her on all social sites that we inhabit.I have gone back over it all and she and I were either together every free minute she had or she was inviting me over so at least for the last two months I don't see how she could have seen him. Do you mean she is seeking my attention or just anyones. However she knows I have access to her finacee's myspace account as last time I emailed her I told her about a photo I saw there. also what kind of person is he to agree to something like that? I have no concern for my ex at all anymore anbd as far as Im concerned she is dead to me. Three weeks ago I got an email from her and responded by telling her to never contact me again." She moved on, whether it is sick or not or good or bad shouldn't be an issue. What's also important is what is YOUR responsibility !!

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I still long and pine for her but am listening to my head and not my heart.