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World accommodating cult

It is a voluntary society of strict believers who live apart from the world in some way.Its foundation upon contracted or upon freely elected membership marks a sharp contrast with the ecclesiastical body of the church, as does its smallness of size and its spirit of austerity and asceticism.The church is the means for the administration of grace and exhibits the theological and sociological concomitants of this function: dogma and hierarchy.It is universal in its aspirations and addresses itself to the conversion of all.These tendencies found organized expression in two basic and contrasting sociological types, which Troeltsch called the church and the sect.The church represents the majority reaction and involves within its structure considerable variation of accommodation and compromise.He found this history characterized by two major tendencies which exhibited themselves in varied forms over a long period of time.The first was the tendency to come to terms with secular society and culture, although often with considerable qualification, and generally to compromise with the world; the second, a highly significant rejection by a minority of the whole spirit of compromise and an opposition to important aspects of the secular culture and its institutions.

Niebuhr observed that the sect, if defined rigorously in the terms presented here, cannot last beyond the founding generation.It defines itself as the established expression of the relation between God and men, the institutional channel of divine grace, whose mission it is to enter the world in order to sanctify it.Thus, the church attempts to dominate the world with its values and is eventually dominated by the world to one extent or another.The church is characterized by what is virtually membership on the basis of birth for the children of believers, although formally all are members through baptism.Thus, the practice of infant baptism is characteristic of churches, and churches become educational agencies.

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The sect expresses defiance of the world or withdrawal from it, a greater or lesser rejection of the legitimacy of the demands of the secular sphere.