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The patterns can take many forms, but usually feature pentangles, intertwined Vs and Ms for the Virgin Mary, flower-like designs and tangles of lines which "it was believed confused spirits who attempted to follow them", reports The Guardian. Price including P&P: 15 Patrick Allen & Stuart Gibson …The account of The Free Grammar School, Colchester c.1690-c.1820: Hazel Martingell … Full story IF Hollywood directors were to come to Zimbabwe to pick comic stories to make movies, they would definitely make a perfect movie out of the following tale of some married women from Makore Village in Gutu who reportedly staged a demonstration against kachasu brewing in the area, claiming the illicit brew was behind the dwindling bedroom performance of their husbands. This website until recently hosted the sale of surplus books on behalf of the Essex Society for Archaeology & History (ESAH). Founded in 1852 as the Essex Archaeological Society, it exists to encourage the study and enjoyment of local history and archaeology in the historic county of Essex. 88 A medieval croft at Lodge Farm, St Osyth : M Germany …

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They don’t come cheap by the way, the cheapest being R16 000, just above $1 200.

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