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“I’m not aware of any situation that hasn’t been addressed if it’s been brought to our attention,” he told reporters last week during a tour of the facility.

“I’m being told that happens in the public school system, too,” he said of the crude comments.

Asked if he meant that the crass comments occur as frequently in schools around the state as they do at the teen prison, Paquin said he had no way of gauging that.

At least seven of the victims said that Stancl, posing as a girl, threatened to post their nude pictures on the internet or send them to their friends unless they engaged in sexual activity with a male friend of "hers." When the victims met with the male friend, who was Stancl, the perpetrator performed oral sex on the victims and took a photo of the activity with his cellphone.He'd been attracted to the student and when they met, Stancl says the student forced him to have oral sex.After this, other students began spreading rumors about him and doctoring photos of him to suggest he was gay.The next day, two school administrators and a science teacher received an e-mail that read in part: "Good luck tomorrow. Stancl was charged with soliciting sex from minors, possessing child pornography and making a bomb threat.He pleaded no contest in December to two Wisconsin felonies – repeated sexual assault of the same child and third-degree sexual assault.

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