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” Quiz 653 Foundation Topics 657 Cisco UCS Service Profiles 657 Cisco UCS Hardware Abstraction and Stateless Computing 657 Contents of a Cisco UCS Service Profile 659 Other Benefits of Cisco UCS Service Profiles 661 Ease of Incremental Deployments 661 Plan and Preconfigure Cisco UCS Solutions 661 Ease of Server Replacement 662 Right-Sized Server Deployments 662 Cisco UCS Templates 662 Organizational Awareness with Service Profile Templates 663 Cisco UCS Service Profile Templates 664 Cisco UCS v NIC Templates 665 Cisco UCS v HBA Templates 666 Cisco UCS Logical Resource Pools 667 UUID Identity Pools 668 MAC Address Identity Pools 669 WWN Address Identity Pools 670 WWNN Pools 670 WWPN Pools 671 Cisco UCS Physical Resource Pools 671 Server Pools 671 Cisco UCS Server Qualification and Pool Policies 672 Server Auto-Configuration Policies 673 Creation of Policies for Cisco UCS Service Profiles and Service Profile Templates 674 Commonly Used Policies Explained 674 Equipment Tab–Global Policies 674 BIOS Policy 675 Boot Policy 676 Local Disk Configuration Policy 676 Maintenance Policy 677 Scrub Policy 678 Host Firmware Packages 678 Adapter Policy 679 Cisco UCS Chassis and Blade Power Capping 680 What Is Power Capping?

680 Cisco UCS Power Capping Strategies 680 Static Power Capping (Explicit Blade Power Cap) 680 Dynamic Power Capping (Implicit Chassis Power Cap) 681 Power Cap Groups (Explicit Group) 681 Utilizing Cisco UCS Service Profile Templates 682 Creating Cisco UCS Service Profile Templates 682 Modifying a Cisco UCS Service Profile Template 683 Utilizing Cisco UCS Service Profile Templates for Different Workloads 684 Creating Service Profiles from Templates 685 Reference List 686 Exam Preparation Tasks 687 Review All Key Topics 687 Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 688 Define Key Terms 688 Chapter 16 Administration, Management, and Monitoring of Cisco Unified Computing System 691 “Do I Know This Already?

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” Quiz 119 Foundation Topics 121 Describing VDCs on the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch 121 VDC Deployment Scenarios 122 Horizontal Consolidation Scenarios 123 Vertical Consolidation Scenarios 124 VDCs for Service Insertion 124 Understanding Different Types of VDCs 125 Interface Allocation 127 VDC Administration 127 VDC Requirements 128 Verifying VDCs on the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch 129 Describing Network Interface Virtualization 132 Cisco Nexus 2000 FEX Terminology 132 Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extender Connectivity 133 VN-Tag Overview 134 Cisco Nexus 2000 FEX Packet Flow 135 Cisco Nexus 2000 FEX Port Connectivity 136 Cisco Nexus 2000 FEX Configuration on the Nexus 7000 Series 138 Summary 141 Exam Preparation Tasks 142 Review All Key Topics 142 Define Key Terms 142 Chapter 4 Data Center Interconnect 145 “Do I Know This Already?

” Quiz 145 Foundation Topics 147 Introduction to Overlay Transport Virtualization 147 OTV Terminology 149 OTV Control Plane 151 Multicast Enabled Transport Infrastructure 151 Unicast-Enabled Transport Infrastructure 152 Data Plane for Unicast Traffic 153 Data Plane for Multicast Traffic 155 Failure Isolation 157 STP Isolation 157 Unknown Unicast Handling 157 ARP Optimization 158 OTV Multihoming 158 First Hop Redundancy Protocol Isolation 158 OTV Configuration Example with Multicast Transport 159 OTV Configuration Example with Unicast Transport 162 Summary 164 Exam Preparation Tasks 165 Review All Key Topics 165 Define Key Terms 165 Chapter 5 Management and Monitoring of Cisco Nexus Devices 167 “Do I Know This Already?

” Quiz 347 Foundation Topics 350 What Is Storage Virtualization?

350 How Storage Virtualization Works 351 Why Storage Virtualization? 352 Block Virtualization–RAID 353 Virtualizing Logical Unit Numbers 359 Tape Storage Virtualization 360 Virtualizing Storage-Area Networks 361 N-Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) 362 N-Port Virtualizer (NPV) 362 Virtualizing File Systems 362 File/Record Virtualization 363 Where Does the Storage Virtualization Occur?

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