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Who is wu chun dating 2016

Wu Chun’s (吳尊) explosive debut with the Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit (飛輪海) in 2005 had some sacrifices.

To protect his image and his family in Brunei, he had to deny that he was dating Lin Li Ying (林麗瑩), his longtime girlfriend and later wife. “When I first went to Taiwan, [Li Ying] went with me,” said Chun.

One year I picked her up from school every day too.” Though Chun and Li Ying have been together since they were 16, the couple rarely show affection towards each other in public. When people see couples acting intimately with each other, they are very uncomfortable, so [Li Ying] avoids that.” Fourteen years after becoming a couple, Chun and Li Ying decided to register for marriage in Brunei in 2009.

In 2011, Li Ying gave birth to their first born daughter, Nei Nei.

After being featured in the Chinese reality programme, , Wu Chun has been criticised for over spoiling Nei Nei.

In the programme, Wu Chun picked Nei Nei up from school and brought her stroller so that she would not have to walk on the slippery floor.

“I also introduced her to my friends in Taiwan, but at the time, I was just starting to get popular.

The magazine that broke the information reported that Chun suddenly requested for a month and a half leave from his company so he could return to Brunei and take care of his sick father.

Wu Chun also brought her daughter, Nei Nei along to Taiwan this time.

Although this is the first time Nei Nei made her public appearance in Taiwan, Wu Chun shared that Jiro and Calvin had already met her.

Already three-year-old, Nei Nei was allowed by Wu Chun to wear her diapers the whole day.

Wu Chun denied spoiling his daughter and said, “Yes, I dote on her very much, but there is a limit.

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Chun finally admitted to being married in October 2013 in a blog post.

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