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If the ball arrived at shoulder height, it was returned like lightning.

When it came in near the ground, the player rapidly hit the ground, striking the ball with his buttocks.

The "Batey" was played in "U" shaped fields two teams, however unlike the ball games of the modern era, the winners were treated like heroes and the losers were sacrificed.

The Spanish Conquistadores who conquered the island introduced various sports such as horse racing, cockfighting, dominoes and a game similar to "Bowling" called "Boliche".

The Spaniards however did not participate in team sports.

Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the United States as a result of their defeat in the 1898 Spanish–American War.

The score was kept with a mark on the ground and the game would end after the losing team received a certain amount of points.

The winners were treated like heroes and the losers were sacrificed.

The first horse track was built in San Juan in 1887. The men would gather in the town plaza and roll a small ball made of wood with the objective of knocking down pins. Another popular sport was bullfighting, which was limited to the larger cities of Ponce and San Juan.

The sport was also played by the American soldiers who organized games as part of their training.

Puerto Ricans were also introduced to the sports of boxing and basketball by the occupying military forces.

The game had changed by the time the first Spanish settlers arrived.

According to Fray Bartolomé de las Casas the game was played in the following manner: "One team served the ball and the other team returned it, using anything but the hands.

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