Who is lucas till dating 2016

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He is also an acting coach in LA and a “good guy” according to his Insta bio. Travis Brody was Miley’s Tennessean boyfriend in The Hannah Montana Movie.

The two were childhood friends who ended up dating before he found out she was hiding her secret (and cash tbh) from him.

If anyone is a good example of this, it's Taylor Swift.

Eventually the two made up, but we don’t know if they stay together because he doesn’t appear in the TV show.

Lucas Till was obviously the best choice for Miley in the Hannah Montana franchise, and honestly he might’ve been her best choice IRL.

He married his wife Renee Roy in 2015, sorry Miley!

They have a ~4 month old baby named Jack who they took to Vegas for his first vacay because they obviously know how to live their lives.

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by Harry Shukman ' Stan Loona' are the two words now filling your timeline, as the Korean K-Pop band embarks on world domination. " way — more in the way that nothing really matters and everything is relative. Anyway, celebrities: they're just like us, but everybody knows about them and they get paid to drink…

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