Who is genevieve nnaji dating now

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Who is genevieve nnaji dating now

Though she steps out once in while, and each time she does so, her personal life is fairly elusive.

Nonetheless, it is believed that some day, the screen goddess will reveal the identity of the man in her life and perhaps, walk down the aisle to shame her critics.

It’s possible you see her picture taken, walk the red carpet, but you don’t hear much else from her again unless she wants you to.

That way, the actress has been able to stay away from controversy while living her life in secrecy.

Ella has just granted Vanguard an interview telling how much the rumour hurt but ended up telling that she is currently dating a President and told how people accused her of dating former President Obasanjo…..please read for yourself.

I think she just deliberately fanned more controversy with this interview... Hmm, you know I speak more of French than English, so, it is a little hard for me to express myself fully.

You don’t understand, even the pictures they released online was worked on, adulterated to make it look different from the actual pictures.

We kissed as normal girls, not as romantically or sexually as they projected in the pictures posted online. We met when Kenis Music organised an award and since then we have been good friends.

I mean girls do kiss each other normally, even guys do too.What happened is that Genny and I were in a club in Lagos and her phone got missing.Later, I think a paparazzi or someone got hold of it and started sharing some contents about me and Genny online.I don’t see anything abnormal in the pictures but people started talking that we must be lesbians and all.As normal persons and friends, we do take normal pictures at home and in other places but I don’t know why the online magazine showed Genevieve and I kissing, I am surprised and don’t know where they got those pictures from.

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