Who is drake dating september 2016 on line dating industry

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Who is drake dating september 2016

Their relationship was reportedly documented in ' Back To December', where she sings of a guy with “tan skin and a sweet smile” who she dumped one day in December in exchange for “freedom”.Years later, Taylor Lautner spoke briefly about him being the inspiration for the song, and said simply: “That’s what she does”.While Lucas is not the most famous name on her list of exes, any fan of T-Swift will recognise his face, as he starred alongside her in the video for You Belong With Me.However, turns out that ironically, the pair weren't, and after sparking a relationship during the making of the music video, the pair didn't last longer than a month.

Splitting up that September, Taylor's team said their whirlwind romance ended as Tom wanted too much publicity from the relationship.However sources close to Tom say he just got tired of the star.We thought ' Tayvin' was the real deal as their 15-month relationship bloomed in front of us on social media.This Is The Moment I Knew is said to be about Jake.Apparently he stood her up at her 21st birthday party and she spent the evening crying in her bathroom.

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The girl in the dress cried the whole way home, I should've known.” He later confirmed that he thought the song was about him and told Rolling Stone: “I didn't deserve it.