Who is brett michael shanly dating

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Who is brett michael shanly dating

She has worked with individuals with a wide range of mental health issues from diverse backgrounds, most recently, as the lead therapist at the Denver Colorado AIDS Project.

Receipts for health insurance reimbursement are available. As a child and adult analyst and licensed psychologist, I treat children, adolescents and adults in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.

Therapy can help you to: ~develop more authentic communication, healthier relationships, more satisfying work, school, and family life, and greater self-confidence.

~expand your range of emotions, while learning to understand and accept your states of mind with less fear and judgement.

I support them in being more empowered, happier and finding their balance during some challenging times. Psychotherapy is about clearing away the obstructions to uncover that voice. Healing doesn't necessarily happen best within four walls. Her Transformational Counseling Services utilizes mindfulness based psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and groups.

Services include strategies for dealing with anxiety, depression, transitions, recovery from trauma, addictions, and abuse, as well as enhancing communication in relationships, stress management, and coaching in applying meditative techniques. in Educational Psychology and, as a licensed Eucational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) consultant/teacher, Jeannette is an expert in the field of learning differences, sensory integration and drawing out the full potential of each individual through the use of brain integration and multi sensory techniques fully supported by substantial research.

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Contact me to schedule a free 1/2 hour consultation, a full session, or to find out about dream groups.

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