What does a non validating xml parser do dating for atheists

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Handlers can be set for errors, fatal errors and warnings. The document doesn't validate against the schema using Xerces-C, I thought we'd established that? The user needs to write its own class inheriting from Xerces’ Error Handler.The interface of this abstract class has two functions called “error” and “fatal Error”.I think you trap the recoverable errors as they occur...a Fatal error means the document is not only invalid, but bad enough that you can't really continue checking for errors.

I don't take any action here (I only do it when the "fatal Error" method is called).It does not affect the level of checking performed on document instances that use Schema grammars.see: set Do Schema void set Do Namespaces(const bool) true: Perform Namespace processing. default: false note: If the validation scheme is set to Val_Always or Val_Auto, then the document must contain a grammar that supports the use of namespaces.This being the case, my question now becomes: In which cases such a recoverable error is detected?Does anyone here knows where are these types of errors described?

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It is my understanding that in Xerces you can parse the entire document, and gather up all the recoverable errors as you go.