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Old souls are also prone to dabble in a multitude of hobbies, perfecting a skill or talent and then tossing it aside in favor of something else.They are often not interested in finishing their study; they just wanted to resurrect a latent talent from a past life to see if they could do it again.In the eyes of the Tao (or God), however, old souls are not any better than the other soul ages.Each soul age looks at life through a perspective that's appropriate for the life lessons needed to be learned at that stage of development.Work and Leisure The old soul is also a creature of leisure.They may even seem lazy on the surface -- although they can work very hard if the task is meaningful, and unlike the other soul ages, they can have fun working.Old souls do not possess a burning desire to make a major impact on the world and are tired of playing the material game.

Thus, if someone is thought to be an old soul, it is immediately assumed this person is brimming with spiritual knowledge and wisdom.Older souls typically have a casual outlook about relationships that can frustrate mature souls who want the interaction to feel more relationships.That said, with relationship lessons under their belt, the old soul has the capacity to love with a more compassionate and loving heart than other soul ages.Being an old soul represents the final stage in the reincarnational journey that consists of five soul ages in total: infant, baby, young, mature and old.The old soul often conveys a feeling of looking back at what has been accomplished and embracing the whole of life.

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They can seem relaxed and unassuming, even in a crisis.

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