Website updating service

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Website updating service

Here we drill down into maintenance — keeping your content up to date and ever-relevant.BCI is deep in the process of a full content inventory to maintain and upkeep Bruce To demonstrate maintenance, you keep your content up to date and ever-relevant.Be mindful of these four things and you’ll be on the right track for developing high ranking, highly engaging and useful content for users and search engines.Maybe there are new ones since you last did this exercise.Maybe you forgot about something that you needed to be reminded of.What keywords are bringing in organic search traffic, social traffic and other sources of traffic? Specify an action they should try to accomplish and record their experience.

List the conversions you want performed on your site.Depending on the size of the site or the topic, there may be a group of pages containing supporting content on that topic.All the pages about a topic would link together as appropriate to answer a reader’s questions on the topic.To demonstrate authority, people share your content through links and linkless mentions.To demonstrate trust, you publish examples of your successful projects, client testimonials and reviews, and make your privacy and security statements clear.

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Google even says so outright in its Quality Rating Guidelines.