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The Text Length property returns the length of a Masked Text Box contents.

Font property represents the font of text of a Masked Text Box control.

Show("The data you supplied must be a valid time in the format between to ", Me.

The Text Align property represents text alignment that can be Left, Center, or Right.If you click on the Font property in Properties window, you will see Font name, size and other font options.The following code snippet sets Font property at run-time.For example, if you need a Text Box that should accept dates in a certain format, you should set the masking in the Masked Text Box. Ascii Only Property determines if a Masked Text Box control accepts characters outside of the ASCII character set.The Masked Text Box uses the Masked Text Provider mask syntax. Allow Prompt As Input Property determines whether Prompt Char can be entered as valid data by the user. If you do not know what ASCII is, please visit this link. Beep On Error Property raises the system beep for each key stroke that it rejects. Cut Copy Mask Format Property determines if literals and prompt characters are copied to the Clipboard. Hide Prompt On Leave Property indicates whether the prompt characters in the input mask are hidden when the Masked Text Box loses focus. Insert Key Mode Property controls the character insertion behavior of a Masked Text Box control.

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You can also set borders style of a Masked Text Box by using the Border Style property.

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