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Validating assessments

A reliable and accurate validity coefficient should come from a well-designed validation study.

Typically, larger samples (greater than 100) are needed to conduct a validation study.

If not, you may want to inquire about other assessment options or consider other assessment vendors who might be able to do a better job of prediction.

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I recently had a Q&A with a client to explain the process we use to validate each of our assessments: I work in human resources. We can explain the validation report and what it means for assessments by looking at validity coefficients, correlation coefficients, and explaining how validation studies work. Validity coefficients can be very useful pieces of information.

In the case of an assessment, the two variables are usually (1) assessment score and (2) an important organizational outcome, like job performance.

A common example of a positive correlation is outside temperature and ice cream sales.

As it gets warmer outside, stores tend to sell more ice cream.

For example, if the validation report you are reviewing contains a sample of 100 or more front line supervisors from your organization with both assessment scores and performance ratings, then you can feel comfortable that you have a large enough sample of individuals who represent the position of interest.As it gets warmer outside, stores tend to sell fewer coats.The magnitude of the correlation indicates the strength of the relationship between the variables.When it comes to psychological assessments and predicting human behavior, you will never see correlations close to 1.0.If you see a correlation around .30, that shows a moderately strong relationship between the assessment and the outcome variable. Correlations approaching .50 or .60 are very strong predictors of performance.

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If one variable increases while the other variable decreases, the variables have a negative correlation.

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