Updating the theory of mutation

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Updating the theory of mutation

) genetic information multiplies along with the cell.In genetic engineering labs today, scientists use viruses as carriers and splicers of genetic information.It seems to me that in God’s originally perfect creation, the interlocking of docking and receptor proteins was designed to allow viruses to insert their DNA (or RNA) into only those cells in which gene transfer would be beneficial.

After all, essentially all of the examples of imperfection used to taunt intelligent design—viruses, mutations, diseases, birth defects, so-called “vestigial” (functionless) organs, etc.—are examples of breakdowns in previously well-designed systems.

Natural selection is no real help in explaining the origin of really new species, but it’s great for explaining how and where different specialized subtypes of the various created kinds “multiplied and filled the earth” after death corrupted the creation and, again, after the Flood.

Mutations are no real help in explaining the origin of species, but they are great for explaining the origin of disease, disease organisms, and birth defects.

The more time that goes by, the greater the genetic burden or genetic corruption.

Natural selection can’t save us from this genetic decay, since most mutations are recessive and can sneak through a population hidden in carriers, only rarely showing up as the double recessive which can be “attacked” by natural selection.

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Even leading evolutionists admit that, as time goes by, accumulating genetic decay threatens the very survival of plant, animal, and human populations.