Updating the hp mediasmart server

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Updating the hp mediasmart server

You shouldn't ever have to touch it again, unless you're upgrading drives.

The server's four bays accept drives of any capacity (the EX470 I tested comes with one 500GB unit), but the capacities must match.

That means wherever you place your HP Media Smart right now had better be near an Ethernet cable.Table 5 provides information about and links to these downloads.Table 5: BIOS Update Tools and Inputs While there are newer versions of CBrom around (the latest appears to be 2.15), I couldn’t get them to work properly with the EX47* BIOS.For a good example of what a Windows Home Server (WHS) appliance can be, take a look at the HP Media Smart Server.The device, designed primarily for use as a network-attached storage (NAS) unit for the home, takes advantage of the OS's capabilities but adds media-serving smarts of its own: It has an i Tunes server that creates a shared song library and automatically updates its playlist from the networked computers. It's a blue-black case with glowing blue LEDs that indicate occupied drive bays, power, and server health.

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That’s why I stuck with the older version recommended in my source for this hack at Alex Kuretz’s excellent Media Smart site.

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