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Updating old tile

How to Paint Tile: You’ll love this DIY tutorial if you’ve ever wanted to paint over outdated tile and I’ll show you what supplies you need and how to do it step by step…I’ll show you exactly how easy it is!

Giving our living room fireplace a total makeover has been in the plans for a while – it’s in great shape, we love the size of it and the design of the mantel …but the colors were pretty boring and not as bright and stylish as I wanted.

Be sure to use heavy-duty garbage bags in your trashcan so the shards won’t cut through. If you’re looking to lay down new flooring or expose your concrete subfloor, you’ll first want to first scrape off the old tile.You want a clean, prepared slate so you can apply new floors, tiles, or However, removing old tiles isn’t as easy as they make it look on home improvement shows.First we painted the mantel white and it made such a huge difference to lighten and brighten our living room! Next we painted the boring beige tile fireplace surround – with no sanding and in just 3 steps! First let’s look at the before: Boring and blah tile. I usually use household paint brushes for these types of interior paint projects but the flat artist brushes were the perfect size and shape for applying the tile paint! You may also like: How to paint a brown wood fireplace mantel in 3 easy steps! Sherwin Williams Poised Taupe: Color of the Year 2017 * * * TOP TIPS ON HOW TO PREPARE A ROOM FOR PAINTING!The specific paint I used is a primer and sealer in one and ) Step 1. How to Paint Tile – Easy Fireplace Paint Makeover I hope you enjoyed this tile painting tips post!

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You don’t want dust getting into the unit and spreading to other parts of your house. This is a great place to start your work because there is already a compromise in the flooring.