Updating netid byname callback timed out

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Updating netid byname callback timed out

The configuration of the NIS server is not difficult, but requires many steps that you may overlook. This procedure makes all NIS-enabled, nonprivileged accounts become automatically accessible via NIS, not just newly created ones.

There also multiple daemons that all needs to be started in particular order NIS servers also have to be NIS clients themselves, so you'll have to edit the NIS client configuration file /etc/to list the domain's NIS server as being the server itself or localhost. It also exports all the user's characteristics stored in the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files, such as the login shell, the user's group, and home directory.

Administrators have the ability to configure NIS to serve password data to outside processes to authenticate users using various versions of the Unix crypt(3) hash algorithms.

However, in such cases, NIS use client server architecture with one master server (and possibly one or several secondary slave servers, necessary for reliability) and many clients.

NIS uses several daemons on the server and on all clients to enable the NIS system.

[y/n: y] y We need a few minutes to build the databases... There are a number of related configuration files that you need to edit to get it to work. The file that lists the order in which certain data sources should be searched for name lookups, such as those in DNS, LDAP, and NIS.

[[email protected] tmp]# service portmap start Starting portmapper: [ OK ] [[email protected] tmp]# service ypbind start Binding to the NIS domain: Listening for an NIS domain server.

[[email protected] tmp]# [[email protected] tmp]# chkconfig ypbind on [[email protected] tmp]# chkconfig portmap on command to make sure they all started correctly.

Normally I tend to hold off upgrading SAN firmware until it’s been out at least 6 months.

I always tend to check the fix list and see if it’s applicable.

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If the line is too long to view on your screen, you can add a \ character at the end to continue on the next line. Now you can run ypinit -s master on all slave server.

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