Updating microsoft windows xp professional

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Updating microsoft windows xp professional

If your computer is displaying a blue screen with white text, then you can proceed to step #2.

Your computer's “Boot Order” tells the computer which device to check first when starting the computer.

To learn more Click here ) BEFORE STARTING: * Have a BACKUP of your current hard drive, in case anything goes wrong and you have to restore the old installation * Have the CORRECT DRIVERS on a disc — For example, if you're installing windows XP, be sure to have all the correct sound, video, and port drivers specifically written for Windows XP and this computer .

To fix the “No Hard Disk” error, you may need configure your computer’s BIOS settings so that it can recognize the SATA drive installed in you computer.

2 ) A blue screen with white text will be displayed.

Press F8 to accept the Windows XP Licensing Agreement.

You should read these instructions completely and not attempt to do this unless you're completely comfortable with all the steps I describe.

If you have any iimportant data on the computer containing Microsoft Vista, make sure you have a back up copy of it.

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You'll need that 20 character number from your Windows Certificate of Authenticity.