Updating libtool

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Updating libtool

Formally, with versions starting from 3.4, GCC/libstdc only guarantees C 98/C 03 ABI stability and not more. GCC only makes C 11 ABI stability guarantees beginning with version 5.1.

This means that switching (even minor) versions of gcc (say from 4.7.3 - packages).

That, however, doesn't mean they are completely incorrect: newer GCC versions often include better support for the processors' instruction set, which might influence the performance of some applications in a positive way.

Apart from such "benign" benefits, rebuilding everything from scratch may be necessary in some cases to fix problems that don't seem to have any obvious cause.

The "safest" (but also most time-consuming) way to accomplish this is to use the Users are urged to try this approach before reporting any bugs that might have been caused by a GCC upgrade.

(Note that the commands above will cause the packages in the "system" set to be rebuilt twice, which is necessary to be absolutely certain that every package gets built in the same [presumably] "problem-free" environment.

Yes, C , since most incompatibilities occur within the C ABI.

Most of this fear, uncertainty and doubt comes from the confusion surrounding ABI incompatibility, something that nowadays rarely happens (and when it does, it will be announced).

But first a quick pointer towards versions is because of its main purpose: libtool is a toolset that aggregates platform-specific code in a generic interface, allowing applications to build against shared libraries without needing to deal with the platform-specific aspects of shared libraries.

It takes a while (you can speed up the process by parallelizing the script with the Once it's done it should print "Success" if everything went well. This script deletes all intermediate files, rebuilds whole CARLA, and launches the editor.

Use it too for making a clean rebuild of CARLA to find the right version of Unreal Engine.

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Some software problems are inherently difficult to diagnose and yet could be solved by simply rebuilding one or more appropriate packages.