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Updating employee information in large companies

Guidelines and audit technique guide are provided for field examiners on the examination of Research Credit cases.

Find resources on this page pertaining to the international tax gap — the difference between the amount of tax that taxpayers should pay and the amount that is paid voluntarily and on time.

Download multiple small business and self-employed forms and publications. IRS solicits suggestions for issues for the program from taxpayers, representatives and associations.

Certain large business and International (LB&I) corporations are required to electronically file their Forms 11S. This site provides e-file information for corporations that prepare and transmit their own electronic corporate income tax returns and those that use the services of third party tax professionals. The Internal Revenue Service has established a compliance team to address the marketing and mistreatment of employee tool and equipment plans as tax-favored accountable plans. General information on when these taxes apply and when they do not. The Information Reporting Program Website is designed to help you meet your Information Reporting Requirements.

LB&I Directives provide industry-related and administrative guidance to LB&I examiners to ensure consistent tax administration.

You will find video clips of tax topics, and archived versions of live panel discussions and webinars.The IRS' interest, however, extends beyond bank accounts in Liechtenstein to financial accounts anywhere in the world.The IRS reminds you to report your worldwide income on your U. tax return and lists the possible consequences of hiding income overseas.The tax gap can also be thought of as the sum of non-compliance with the tax law.IRS finalized Schedule UTP & instructions for reporting uncertain tax positions by certain corporations.

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