Updating data with linq

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Updating data with linq

If I am pulling records for one day or even maybe a week, it runs at a decent pace, but once you get a month of data or more, it takes a fairly long amount of time. Is there possibly a better way that I can code this?

I can't imagine this is the optimal coding for data table update operations, but it might be.

Your application is free to manipulate the objects while LINQ to SQL stays in the background tracking your changes automatically.

(119 printed pages) Introduction A Quick Tour Creating Entity Classes The Data Context Defining Relationships Querying Across Relationships Modifying and Saving Entities Queries In-Depth Query Execution Object Identity Relationships Joins Projections Compiled Queries SQL Translation The Entity Lifecycle Tracking Changes Submitting Changes Simultaneous Changes Transactions Stored Procedures Entity Classes In-Depth Using Attributes Graph Consistency Change Notifications Inheritance Advanced Topics Creating Databases Interoperating with ADO.

The usage is pretty straight forward, using the Adventure Works database. Product Subcategories and the matching table in the Data Context (required for delete). Give a method for creating a key from both business and data objects.

Those keys are used to match business objects with database objects to find out what objects that are new, updated or deleted. Note that the new method does not need to set any values except initial values as the update Method is called on each new object after the create New Database Entity Method is called.

Usually I get those collections to my data layer either from an import or from a complex update in the UI (via my business layer).

Pad (download here) is a GUI tool a bit like LINQPad, except it only works with Simple. To use it, extract it from its zip archive onto a local disk, and run Simple. method, and you can enter the parameters in the text boxes that appear when you've chosen one. v1.0.0.0 is in no way anywhere near production quality. It won’t kill you, though, or do bad things to your database, although stick to data retrieval queries for the time being. Data was created by Mark Rendle ( Six plug-ins have been additionally created Vagif Abilov has made a set of wiki pages available at Git Hub describing how to use his Simple.

The drop-down at the top left lets you choose an Open... Pad comes with the Sql Server assembly, but you can drop any of the other adapter or provider assemblies in the app folder and it should pick them up. As you type, you should get an autocomplete box showing you available methods and properties, generated from the schema of the database you’re connected to. The Trace tab should show the SQL that was run against the database for the most recent query.

The code above can be installed using the Nu Get package LINQ2SQL.

Product Category ID == my Product ID) Surely it works when you have only one item in your table which has the certain ID.

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