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Updating contracts of employment

Some information must be included in one document while other information can be delivered in instalments.Items to be included in the main document: Where there are no particulars to be entered under any of these headings, then that fact should be stated, and all the above information should be given to the employee.Contracts of employment, by definition, are legally binding agreements between an employer and an employee.They consist of express terms written into the employment contract and implied terms which are not expressly stated.However, it may still be advisable and good practice to provide such employees with a written statement to avoid dispute.

Employment contracts consist of a mixture of express and implied terms.

Find out more in our zero-hours contracts facthseet.

Certain workers who are not employees may have some protection by legislation such as the Working Time Regulations 1998 and the National Minimum Wage Act 1998 which give rights to all workers who perform work personally, even though these people might not qualify for other protection given to employees.

He has had a varied career in researching employment and people management issues, working at the Institute for Employment Studies and Roffey Park Institute before joining the CIPD in 2012.

A central focus in his work is applying behavioural science insights to core aspects of people management.

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The factsheet provides introductory guidance on employment contracts and examines the items included in the written statement of particulars and their legal context.