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Posted by / 19-Aug-2020 23:37

Updating 360 without internet

Showing your VR content to multiple people at the same time is difficult, time consuming and far from user-friendly.

VRSync offers the solution with centralized playback from a single (mobile) device.

Make sure to optimize the videos with an optimal balance of quality and filesize.

● Charging the smartphone while playing the video can sometimes cause overheating.

Other than that, everything else you try is at your own risk. My cousin has done it before, but not really a good thing to do depending on how you have your phone setup.You will have no responsibility’s, the event staff make sure everything works If something goes wrong the event staff will fix it right away The event staff will explain how the system works.The phone can overheat in the following ways: Videos that have too large resolutions, too high bitrates or are too long often cause overheating.You can totally hook up your XBox 360 to your phone's internet via hotspot if you have wireless capabilities for your XBox.I do it all the time (I have an Android but have done it with an i Phone as well) This being said I HIGHLY advise against doing this unless you have unlimited data.

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So I don't have internet and I don't see myself getting it anytime in the foreseeable future.