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Twins realm dating

Adding to the hurly burly is Mars in opposition from May 16.

On May 20 Venus moves into the Crab’s skies for a three week stay when you can indulge your tastes for showing off, spending money on yourself and cruising the gallery/beach of your choice with a discerning eye. More pressing are events at the peak of your ‘scope, where a new Moon in Taurus on May 15 offers a career restart (birthdays August 17 take note) just as planet Prometheus crests your solar ‘scope for the first time in 84 years.The new Moon in your sign on May 15 is a fulcrum of change.Simultaneously Mercury arrives in the Bull for a lightning stay (until May 30), while Mars moves into provocative mood at the peak of your ‘scope (for some months!A windfall, a divorce, a whirlwind romance, abrupt promotion/sack or a dramatic change of your focus and interests are events that accompany a Prometheus transit, though birthdays beyond April 20-24 may have to wait a year or three for developments.The Bull’s undisputed ruler, Venus, spends the month in Gemini (until May 20) and Cancer; both helpful placings for monitoring cashflow and general horse-trading. There is nothing like a multiple agenda to set a Gemini pulse racing, and May’s stars present you with a wildly varied picture.

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April brought the first phase of the year to a close, and with Saturn retracing its steps in opposition until September, you are set for a summer when you can carefully evaluate what has happened since New Year, especially where money, property and a major relationship are concerned.