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Tulsa dating scene

The effect is that there is no room for anything from The Joshua Tree.This may also be a question of value – they have, after all, just done a huge tour in which every track from that historic album was played every night. Live Nation and MCD today confirm shows in Dublin and Belfast on U2’s upcoming e XPERIENCE i NNOCENCE Tour with tickets on sale from 2nd February.

Bono is now wearing a top hat, sparkly lapels and face paint, a bit like Dylan in Renaldo & Clara.Frankly, this technological marvel was a bit of a conundrum.It didn’t detract from the songs hymnal quality and you can sense that there is potential there for future marvels. The show really began with the second song, ‘The Blackout’. In contrast, ‘Lights Of Home’ stood out from the first listen – the band perform it on the main stage, Bono climbing up along an incline of lights, through the screen, to reach the other end, carried along by The Edge’s slide guitar.But ‘City Of Blinding Lights is something else again, a magnificently sparkly sky-scraping hymn played in front of a video featuring the Tulsa skyline. The encore of Achtung Baby's ‘Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses’ – not their greatest song, but here it achieves a Crazy Horse-like simplicity and directness – a beautiful version of the incomparable ‘One’ (am I right in thinking that Edge got momentarily lost at the start of it?) and the huge chorus of ‘Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way’ are all perfectly judged.

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‘Staring At The Sun’, using nifty under-floor graphics on the b stage, is dedicated to political stubbornness: when the KKK are shown on the screen, hounding the streets of Charlottesville with sinister menace, the line ‘Happy to go blind’ takes on a different, more chilling meaning.