Top ten intimidating songs

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Even at the end of "Jizzlobber," nothing is revealed or resolved, which makes the finale (and its ominous church choir and organ) all the more mystifying and terrifying.During Marilyn Manson's heyday, he was able to unnerve conservative watchdogs with just about every song he wrote and every concert he gave.

And when singer Brian Johnson threatens to drag you to hell, the song's stunning hard rock power makes it an invitation that's hard to refuse.

To help push a scary song over the edge, you need a creepy sound effect.

Few freaky rock songs use this technique better than "Hells Bells," which opens with an ominous clanging bell, which conjures up all types of images from horror movies and gothic novels.

He's got several blood-curdling tracks, but for this list I'm going with "The Dope Show," which made a life of rock 'n' roll excess sound akin to living in a world of ghouls and goblins.

Lullabies are usually beautiful, soothing songs about sweet dreams and happier tomorrows.

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