Tom leykis 101 rules of dating

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Tom leykis 101 rules of dating

The charges were dropped after he agreed to complete a domestic violence program and be on probation for one year.

Leykis did not admit guilt as part of the agreement.

The goal of these rules is to help men get the most sex for the least effort and money possible.

Three of his general principles are that a man should never spend a lot of money to impress a woman, should stop dating a woman if she refuses to have intercourse within their first three dates, and should never date single mothers.

Friday was also the usual day for live appearances in cities around the U.

"Blowing up" is a long running tradition featured on Leykis's show. When confronted with particularly infuriating or belligerent callers, Tom may blow the caller up without warning.

When a caller has nothing more to say, he asks Tom to "blow him up" by saying to him "blow me up Tom". In addition of "taking people out" (ending their call) by blowing them up, Tom Leykis, his production staff, and the audience came up with multitude of "styles".

In 1997, Leykis's show was picked up by KLSX, an FM talk station in Los Angeles that also carried Howard Stern.

At first, Leykis was asked to fill in for other talk show hosts.

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The Tom Leykis Show became nationally syndicated in 1994, broadcasting from Los Angeles.