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foreign key field identifying a country - they may be from an Eastern European country that no longer exists.I want to create a combined list of countries from a list of people and a list of cities: The problem comes from that last line.Their calling card, though, is ''That's Not My Name", White's tirade against objectification.It was first aired on BBC's Glastonbury coverage and then on Later With Jools Holland, a jaw-dropping performance with De Martino hammering his drums and his partner stalking the stage yelling into her mike like some inverse White Stripes.Team shouty vocals, part Gossip garage-y bite and, at their must bubbly, part Hot Chip electropop .

She suffered at first, shuddering as she remembers how she forgot to turn on her amp and could not tune her instrument."We found we had a mutual respect for Portishead, so we started with this dark, mellow sound," he says.Then White interrupts: "And we kept being pulled towards writing these really poppy, catchy songs that defied the trip-hop thing." "I suppose you brought the pop thing to me and I brought the songsmith to you," De Martino continues.We had a terrible manager that didn't do anything, so we sat around for six months with 32 songs, just going mad, doing mega-mixes of them all." Then they were dropped.Both ended up working behind the bar at the Mill, which brought them into contact with a whole world of music that White, for one, never knew existed.

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Local acts used the building as a rehearsal space and put on parties that featured such exotic concerns as Japanese psych rockers Acid Mother Temple.

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