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A leading expert on 18th century ships, Dr Peter Goodwin, former curator of Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory, believes that some of the better preserved graffiti represent small privateers, fishing vessels and merchantmen.

The privateers – mostly in the 55ft to 70ft range – would have had relatively small crews (probably no more than a dozen men each), while the merchant vessels (in the 60ft to 110ft range) may well have also functioned as privateers or as French troop transports.

It’s not known from which ships the Sissinghurst prisoners came, but key battles which provided large numbers of French POWs took place in August 1759 off the coast of southern Portugal (the Battle of Lagos) and in November 1759 off the coast of Brittany (the Battle of Quiberon Bay – known as the Trafalgar of the 18th century – a pivotal sea battle that helped determine the course of the war).

It is therefore conceivable that some of the prisoners at Sissinghurst came from major French warships captured in those two battles – the Temeraire, the Modeste and the Centaur, all captured in August 1759, and the Formidable, captured in November of that year.

In total, the conflict involved 17 different countries and other political entities and cost around 1.5 million lives – three times more than the only earlier truly global conflict, the War of the Austrian Succession, which had ended only eight years previously.The conflict brought death and suffering to troops and civilians alike – and prisoners of war were certainly not exempt.Some 61,000 French and other enemy troops were held captive in a network of oppressive detention centres throughout Britain. Across the Channel, thousands of British Po Ws suffered in equally terrible French prison camps.All of this generated huge resentment on the part of the prisoners.There were escape attempts at Sissinghurst – and even petitions to the British Admiralty protesting against the harsh conditions.

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