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It's a very tough place, and you've got to be pretty tough to do it.

We've seen plenty of people in the past fail." She also appeared to take a swipe at her former leader, suggesting he didn't have it in him to lead the party without also being Prime Minister.

And while you may feel nervous or anxious about having to talk about yourself to complete strangers, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to have an interesting conversation in this fast-paced atmosphere—and it’s even easier when you hold fast to how awesome you truly are.

The world of speed dating is a bizarre and often tragic place.

The BEPS Convention may potentially apply to more than 2,000 bilateral tax treaties between countries worldwide.

This article introduces the key elements of the BEPS Convention and Australia's position in signing it.

We are going to do it around Regents park and it will only take an hour or so.That blend is important and means I'm a good choice, I'm a right choice for the times." The sixth-ranked National MP says his party needs to use its spell in Opposition to note what the current Government has "got wrong"."They spent nine years in Opposition, they didn't do the hard yards in terms of developing the people, progressing new talent and actually getting fresh ideas. We cannot make that mistake." As for his chances, the former Transport Minister feels "very strongly there are many MPs who want me to be the leader", and his "views and values and ambition" will get him over the line.You're constantly faced with rejection on the meat markets of Tinder or Grindr and the other apps just don't seem to know what an actual person looks and acts like - they just pair you with any old person.OK, why not double down and combine the awkwardness of speed dating with the awkwardness of sharing a taxi with a complete stranger.

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Simon Bridges If National wants a true generational shift in its leadership, Mr Bridges is the obvious choice.

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