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In 2007 Ryan Gosling starred opposite a “Real Doll”, Bianca, in the indie romance Lars and the Real Girl.The film ends with him gently drowning her in a lake.When David Levy was 10 he visited Madame Tussauds waxworks museum with his aunt. If you had said a hundred years ago that, today, men would marry men and women women, everyone would have laughed. This, this I find frightening.” It took some time (we continued our discussions on email) before Levy was prepared to answer a question about the thing that had been troubling me – if robots are his solution for men who can’t have relationships, does he think they’re also the ethical choice, say, for a man who wants a relationship with a child?

This year, Ex Machina’s Ava seduced, killed and killed again.She has a tablet in place of a chest, for displaying photographs, and “She’ll say, for instance,” my guide explains: “‘Do you remember Paris? People will feel towards them as they do towards animals.”He pauses: “Look.’” In that echoing space I found myself suddenly breathless. It’s possible.” What about bigger issues though – what about sex and empathy? One has to accept that sexual mores advance with time, and morality with it. Millions of scary things rely on technological advances. That you can buy on the high street and attach anthrax to, and kill hundreds of people.By the sofa is a “sociobot” that can respond to facial expressions.The most human-looking of the systems, over by the dining table, is a robot called Molly.

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