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Taliban dating site

They obviously know about the unpopularity up here of Bush and are playing on that. cid=al_gam_mostview Taliban threaten more attacks on Canadians GLORIA GALLOWAY Globe and Mail Update August 17, 2008 at AM EDTKANDAHAR, Afghanistan — The Taliban issued an open letter to Canada Sunday saying more Canadians will be killed like the aid workers who were gunned down near Kabul last week if troops are not pulled out of Afghanistan.“Afghanistan has to try to have good relations with you, but if your government continues a reversed policy, the Afghans will be obliged to kill your nationals, in revenge for their brothers, their sisters, and their children.We are there to stand united with NATO, not just our cousins in the USA. I guess they can't go toe to toe with our military so they attack non combatants. Events such as Logar will happen again, because occupied Afghanistan looks at all actors that are established in the interest of America with an eye of hostility,” the Taliban said in the letter that was signed the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.“Therefore, you have to convince your government to put an end to the occupation of Afghanistan, so that the Afghans are not killed with your hands and so that you are not killed with the hands of the Afghans.”Jackie Kirk of Montreal, Shirley Case of Williams Lake, B.The plan to invade was laid months before the events of 911 which provided the pretext.The Taliban, under the rule of sharia law, could not turn Osama over to the US without a public judicial proceeding that would satisfy the letter and the spirit of the law, to this end they requested proof of Osamas involvment in the events of 911, none was forthcoming.Roads that were once safe for western officials to drive are now off limits because of safety concerns.And foreign aid workers have had to scale back operations in this country where the poorest and most vulnerable can simply not be reached.“The Afghans did not go to Canada to kill the Canadians.Although their propaganda might be clever, I find their tactics appalling. ”And then during my 2nd tour in Iraq I was stationed at the American Embassy and was called to the site of a suicide-bombing in some market, shopping-area (I heard the blast from the Embassy).

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...You also need to do it for domestic political reasons, and that's part of all this too.I've been a supporter of our involvement in Afghanistan, and still am.Right now, they are targeting innocent people and aid workers in their attacks.I can accept them attacking military targets, as insurgents, but they are doing far more than that. You cannot take an attack at that level without a military response in return - just to show the next guy what to expect if they decide to try something similar.

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I have to admit, their propaganda is pretty clever.