T rex soft tissue carbon dating

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T rex soft tissue carbon dating

The following is NOT all my own original material, though it substantially follows my personal research. It is not a secret that DNA cannot stand up to harsh environmental factors such as heat or intense pressure.Additionally, we know that the molecular structure of DNA begins to break down rapidly after an organism dies. It was also the picture painted in the famous movie Jurassic Park.Carbon Dating Carbon-14 abundant In Dinosaur Bones And Fossils December 26, 2015 1.Evolutionary Position Archeologists do not use carbon dating when determining ages on samples such as dinosaur bones, supposed human missing links, or fossils, but, rather, age such samples based on what is called “relative dating” 1. Rex’ and later READ MORE Topic: Dinosaur Soft Tissue Discovered August 2005 Secular position: Some new and previously unknown fossilization process has preserved these soft tissues for millions of years.Now, researchers have recovered 70-million-year-old soft tissue, including what may be blood vessels and cells, from a Tyrannosaurus rex” (Schmid, 2005, emp. In a Science article titled “Tyrannosaurus Rex Soft Tissue Raises Tantalizing Prospects,” Erik Stokstad commented: “On page 1952, the team led by Mary Schweitzer of North Carolina State University in Raleigh describes dinosaur blood vessels— "still flexible and elastic after 65 million years—and apparently intact cells” (2005, 352).In the opening abstract of their report, Schweitzer and her colleagues remarked: “Soft tissues are preserved within hindlimb elements of Tyrannosaurus Rex (Museum of the Rockies specimen 1125).Scott Woodward and his colleagues observed: “Nucleic acids have limited life expectancies under physiological conditions, and DNA is particularly susceptible to oxidative and hydrolytic damage” (Woodward, et al., 1994, p. This rapid degradation was one of the arguments the defense used to discount the blood evidence in O. Moviegoers learned that DNA could not sustain the test of time—but blood-sucking insects preserved in amber still possessed usable DNA.And from that people began to speculate: “Could we create a living dinosaur from DNA?

Expected or not, the end result has opened a chasm of questions.Scientists are questioning how this soft protein material can be so fresh when it was discovered in “70 million year old bones.” Maybe the question they should be asking is: “Are we sure these bones are so old, given that they contain such fresh proteins and elastic soft tissue?” In the conclusion of their report, Schweitzer and her colleagues noted: “However, we demonstrate the retention of pliable soft-tissue blood vessels with contents that are capable of being liberated from the bone matrix, while still retaining their flexibility, resilience, original hollow nature, and three-dimensionality.... rex also contains flexible and fibrillar bone matrices that retain elasticity” (355).The report in Science News further proclaimed: “The researchers squeezed round, microscopic structures out of the presumed T. Those small spheres, which ranged from dark red to deep brown, may be red blood cells, says Schweitzer.” (Perkins, 2005, 15).When asked if the contents of the blood vessels were indeed blood cells, Schweitzer gave a carefully guarded answer.

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