Spring hibernatetemplate saveorupdate not updating

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Spring hibernatetemplate saveorupdate not updating

Please let me know if there is any way or i can get session of Hibernate or object of Spring Hibernate Template to solve this [email protected] Mapping(value="/mgr/edit Space", method = Request Method. LAST_NAME as LAST_NAM3_1_ from Employee employeeen_ where employeeen_. Ideally, what you would do is pass VO object to DAO layer, load the entity from the session and update the entity with by copying VO data onto it. It wouldn’t be advisable to try to match this code construction in production code.I thought the Hibernate Template.save() method might be the problem but from within the save Some Stuff() method, after loading the Person from the database, I do a System.out, and the Person loaded from the database has the updated name. but this is not generic and needs to be written for complete form fields.

Let’s see how it can be used along with entity persisted with save() method. I'm working on a web application with Wicket, Spring and Hibernate and I've come across a problem with updating records.I have verified that the save Or Update method is invoked, and that the data in the domain object has changed.We have learned that hibernate works only with persistent entities and persistent entities are classes which are attached to any hibernate session. Please not that creating an instance of a class, you mapped with a hibernate annotations, does not automatically persist the object to the database. )] INFO Abstract Batch Impl:208 - HHH000010: On release of batch it still contained JDBC statements public class No Save Call For Persistent Entity Output: Hibernate: insert into Employee (FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, ID) values (?

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It must be save explicitly after attaching it to a valid hibernate session.‘ which is useful in case you have mapped multiple entities to a Java class. ) WARN Sql Exception Helper:144 - SQL Error: -104, SQLState: 23000 ERROR Sql Exception Helper:146 - Violation of unique constraint SYS_PK_49: duplicate value(s) for column(s) ID in statement [insert into Employee (FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, ID) values (?

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