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Sexy mommy chat

Although Shannon was a shy nerd in school, she was a wild nymphomaniac in the bedroom... So with the promise of something we hadn't yet done but was guaranteed to be sexy, I was giddy with excitement and curiosity.

Yet, the Goddess of Sex seemed to have turned against me as a half hour into the drive I came up against a road block manned by two apologetic but insistent policemen. For years I'd listened to all my buddies tell me how much they wanted to fuck her. It didn't help she was a teacher at my school, so I even heard it there. Of course the other teachers didn't tell me how much they wanted to fuck her, but a couple of times I overheard two of them agreeing with each other on the subject.

I was determined to make the drive, even if it took six hours instead of three... "I've been trying to reach your mother but she isn't answering her cell," dad said. "When you get home can you tell her I'm not going to make it tonight? "Sure," I agreed, before adding, "the roads are closed here too." "Well, I'll let you go. "And pay her some special attention tonight." "Will do," I promised. " Mom asked, as my cock instantly went hard in my pants. Thankfully the school was large enough that I was never in any of her classes, but she did teach a lot of my friends and was teaching my current girlfriend Advanced Calculus.

but the police didn't care about my kinky sure thing booty call invite (yes of course I told them, I was desperate to get through) and I was forced to turn around. After I hung up I pulled back onto the road and headed home, imagining we'd be watching the first two Home Alone movies... When I got home thirty minutes later, I was hungry and annoyed. "Pick a hole, baby," Mom continued, as I stood there, cock hard and thinking very inappropriate thoughts.

" Her wetness gushed down on me like torrential rain as I was baptized a mother licker. I slithered out from underneath of her and moved quickly behind her.

"Oh god sweetheart, don't stop," she moaned, her breathing becoming stunted, and that along with the quivering in her body told me she was close.I had no intention of stopping, only of getting her off and swallowing down all I could capture of her full flood of pussy juice.A few more aggressive licks and tugs and Mom screamed, "Fuck!I began licking faster, making wide paint brush-like strokes between her lips."Oh yes, you better be willing to do this more often," Mom moaned, even though that sentence took her a good thirty seconds to complete as she only got one or two words out at a time before I forced another moan out of her... Wanting to attack her clit and bring her the oral orgasm my dad apparently wasn't delivering, I quickly lay on my back, ripped open more of the wrapping paper, slid between her legs and lifted up my head. How much longer could this window of carnal opportunity last before the axe dropped?

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The one bright star was Shannon had promised to make it (and the last time she'd used that phrase she invited one of her girlfriends to join us for a threesome...

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