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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? "Yes, he's fine but he didn't really get to sleep until around four so we probably should leave him alone for awhile.

Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net When it's spring in the Midwest the thing that I'm always aware of is the fecundity of the earth.

That is exactly how I met Karen, the woman who was to become my wife, and yes a stunner.

It all started seven years ago when we were both students at the University of Wisconsin, her in the ABA legal studies area and I in the computer science area, of course.

The whole world thinks that I'm a perv anyway.--------------------------I was sitting crosslegged on the bed next to Michael. " I ate a piece of my bacon, I guess to show him how. "Besides I gotta give you a bath.""Jeff, you can't do this every day. You know that it takes calories to repair all the damage that's been done to your body. Speaking of butts," I separated his muscular ass cheeks with the warm soapy cloth, "yours is a work of art."He gasped, "Holy fuck that feels good! He'll fight with anyone about anything and nobody, including me, gets him to do anything that he doesn't want to do but when he wants to be topped he gets this aura about him and makes a soft little sound in the back of his throat that taps into my brain and floods me with emotions and need. "I line up behind him and push my cock down so that I can line it up with where it needs to go.

He told me not to spend too much time on it because he'd cum if I did so I didn't. I soaped down the back of his neck and then washed his whole back in broad strokes and cleaned up the soap with a fresh damp washcloth."Oh now the good part."Michael said, "Jeff, I can sense you laughing.""No you can't.""I can.""As a patient you sure are a pain in the butt. " There's a panic in his voice."You've got me...........forever! ""Jeff, if you don't fucking do it I'm gonna cum before you get in me!

Began training a man become a sissy slut start with the basics , women's underwear under male clothing, chastity , painted toe nails , butt plug , body shaved with pink woman gel and pink razor, waxing , and full female attire at home,but there came a point where begin the completely feminization , pierced ears, trimmed brows, longer woman styled and streaked hair, hair extensions or wigs , body hair permanently removed , facial and voice surgery , painted long nails , butt plugs every day , lingerie , woman clothing ,corset training, high heels , various feminizing hormone creams and pills , large breast implants .................................................................................sucking cock eating pussy , drinking cum , female exercises and femininity lessons.

His cock was hard but I ignored it and lifted his balls and washed them and then his cock. Michael's back was a broad vee that tapered to a narrow waist and the prettiest butt on the planet. I wouldn't hurt you for the world.""I need you, Jeff!

I said, "Close your eyes." He did and I washed his whole face and then rinsed out the washcloth and cleaned off the soap. He lifted his good arm and I washed his armpit while he made a face at me. I washed his chest and stomach slowly and carefully and then dried them. I stood up and said, "Okay let's get you turned around." He grunted but we did a slow pivot thing that left him facing the bed.

Maybe I wouldn't feel so exposed.""You mean you wanna look at my dick? "Yeah.........something like that."I stripped off and tossed my underwear on the bed. Michael reached out tentatively and wrapped his hand around my cock. "I've really missed this guy.""Lemme clean you up and then he's all yours, whatever you want you've got."I soaped up one of the washcloths and starting with his face running the soapy washcloth slowly over his forehead. I'm horny too."I washed his legs and then washed the part of his good foot that I could reach.

He looked at my tee shirt and boxers."It'd help if you were naked too. You know it's not like I've had a string of callboys running through here while you were in the hospital.

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""I'm just saying lets wait........a little while.""What do I tell her when she finds out how long I waited? I mean I think that you're right about waiting but I'm not laying it off on you. ""Okay but before I get you dirty I wanna get you clean."He looked at me with some trepidation. "I climbed out of bed very aware of my erection tenting out the front of my boxers.

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