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A woman who is infected - again, with or without symptoms - can definitely infect her sexual partner and transmit the problem to him.Having sex regularly will at least ensure that you are enjoying your partner's lovemaking.In men with with prostate cancer there is no association with the number of sexual partners, but men who had five or more ejaculations in their 20s showed a reduced risk of getting prostate cancer (reduced by a third).And the Journal of the American Medical Association has reported that frequent ejaculations, which means 21 or more a month, are linked to lower prostate cancer in old age when compared to less frequent ejaculations of between four and seven monthly.It will show you hundreds of sexual positions you never knew about, put more passion and excitement into your love life, and bring a whole new level of intimacy to your relationship.With information on every subject you could ever think of, this site will totally transform your sex life.OK, let's make it clear what you'll be seeing if you come into this site: detailed, close-up, erotic photos of the female body in general and the clitoris in particular, both sexually aroused and non-aroused. So we pay tribute to the beauty of femininity and womanhood with hundreds of photographs of the clitoris, vagina, vulva and labia.While you may well find the photos to be sexy and arousing, they are a celebration of the female form and its inherent capacity for joyous sexuality.

Students having sex "frequently" -- meaning intercourse once or twice a week -- apparently have higher levels of Ig A than others (including those who had in three or more times a week).

A massive 8% of men do not reach orgasm during intercourse. You can avoid any danger of your partner seeking pleasure with another man by reading this complete guide to delayed male orgasm and how to overcome it.

The health benefits of sex are good for you in ways you may never have thought: boosting your immune system or keeping to a healthy weight, relieving stress and a lot more besides....

As we shall see: While some older people worry that sex could cause a stroke or heart attack, researchers from England found frequency of sex was unrelated to strokes in 914 men followed for 20 years.

But better: having sex twice or more every week apparently reduces the risk of fatal heart attack by half compared with sex less than once a month.

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This could be because people are less stressed, or because the effect is an indirect one, like lowered cholesterol levels.