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During the initial exam, it was noticed that leakage of fluid from her vagina was occurring, so Smith was admitted to the hospital and given intravenous medication.

A sonogram was administered to Smith on October 5, revealing that the child had died in utero.

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The counselor persisted and even offered to lower the price of the abortion from 0 to 0, stating that Planned Parenthood would obtain “different funds” to make up the difference to enable her to have the abortion.

When Smith asked about the health risks related to the procedure, the counselor said she did not know of any such risks and never mentioned any potential emotional harm from having an abortion.

Such acts on the part of Defendant reflect an intent on its part to commit genocide against Plaintiff and other African Americans, persons of lower socioeconomic status, and other minority groups, and to deprive them of their fundamental right to bear children, in violation of 42 USC §1981.” A History of Racism It is a well-documented historical fact that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was an avid promoter and enforcer of the notions of white supremacy and subscribed to Adolph Hitler's philosophy of eugenics — the science of “improving racial health” by socially engineering human reproduction.

She then called the clinic to ask that the Laminaria be removed.

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by Jim Day A major class action lawsuit has been filed in U. The lawsuit centers around two major allegations of systematic “mass fraud” and “genocide.” The suit contends that Planned Parenthood has systematically committed fraud by failing to inform women or outright lying to them about the risks, both physical and emotional, associated with having an abortion.

According to Smith, the counselor proceeded to encourage and even pressure her into having an abortion, despite the fact that she was in the second trimester of her pregnancy.

Several times during the conversation, Smith mentioned her reluctance to have an abortion and mentioned that she could not afford the 0 fee.

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In fact, Sanger and her colleagues specifically opposed giving maternal care to poor women and those who she considered genetically inferior.