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Senior officers dating service

And having considered the original precept or summons at the instance of the Lord Lyon and the Procurator-fiscal of Court against the said William Murray, finds, That the conclusions thereof are altogether penal ; and having considered. that prior to 1672, the Lyon had no jurisdiction in matters of arms, the cognisance of which belonged solely to the Privy Council, and the Supreme Civil Court, which had also the power of reviewing all the proceedingsof the Lord Lyon; 2.

the state of the register of the Lyon-office, as set forth by the Procurator-fiscal himself, finds, That the said register affords not sufficient evidence as to what armorial bearings have been matriculated by the Lyon, and what not:1mo, Because the register is so framed that any chasms therein cannot ex facie be discerned ; 2do, Because it is admitted that the armorial bearings of certain persons matriculated did not appear. That the act 1672 neither made the jurisdiction of the Lyon Court privative, nor took away the power of reviewing all the proceedings of the Lord Lyon; 3.

For the initiative he displayed when his ship was torpedoed he was awarded "The Grand Order of St. I have a news press clipping from a London newspaper from that time and some photos of him on board British destroyers (corvettes? He was torpedoed twice mid Atlantic in mid-winter and was the only survivor on both occasions having allegedly floated alone in a life raft for 14 days before being picked up by a Norwegian freighter off the coast of Greenland.Eldest son of naturalised Swiss-born auditor Gustave Leon Falcy and his English wife Elizabeth Changed name from Cecil Roy Leon Falcy to Cecil Roy Leon Adrian Vallance by deed poll of . Served World War I in the Royal Flying Corps, earning the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) and being Mentioned in Despatches. Chairman: Process Plant EDC, 1979-1983; Peter Brotherhood, 1980-1983. Son of Mr & Mrs Ronald Marsden Potterton (1886-1963), of Cheam, Surrey. He said they were similar size to MTB's [but Indian built]." Twin son (with two brothers and two sisters) of Shaul Sassoon Gourgey (1880-1949), and Hannah [Saul] Nissim (1888-1965), of Bombay, India. Son (with two brothers and one half-sister) of Edwin Henry Winsor Pitman (1882-1942), and Melinda Beatrice Herbert (1890-1964).He joined the Royal Navy at Chatham in 1941 as an Able Seaman in Coastal Defences.(His Father was a PO Engineer in the Dover Patrol in the First World War and saw action in the Zeebrugge and Ostend raids for which he was Mentioned in Despatches).

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).1960), who was earlier (1941) married to James G. Spicer; one son, two daughters (one of which died in infancy). I.) , seniority (reld ; on joining the RINVR)Son of Robert Ellesmere Dunbar (1876-), and Lena Helen Maybel Robertson. Married 3rd (1934, Perth, Western Australia) Nancy Slingsby Davies; ... Developement Manager for perfume and food flavouring company. Apparently mentioned in despatches thrice, but not gazetted. ).1912 - ), daughter of Herbert Cecil Malleson (1881-1935), dental surgeon, and Henrietta Frances Vandermin (1884-1957); ... Married 1st (, Inveresk, Midlothian, Scotland) Elizabeth Mc Lellan Jamieson ( - ), daughter (with fopur sisters) of Thomas Jamieson (1874-1944), and Margaret Mc Lellan (1874-1934). ).1953, Reading district, Berkshire) Margaret Rene Rogers ( - ); one daughter.

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