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Acknowledging your attributes privately, however, is a wonderful thing and is a practice you all should adopt.You can write down your positive traits or consciously let them run through your mind.Saying I wanted a boyfriend had a very clear underlying message- I wanted to be loved, desired, to feel good about myself, to have someone there to make me feel good about myself when I didn’t. Not surprisingly, the relationship didn’t last and it was only in the years after that I realized the reason why: I was looking outside myself for love and approval, a fatal misstep I see committed all the time.During the course of our relationship my moods were totally contingent upon the way he responded to me- a compliment would lead to exhilaration. After this relationship ended, I truly learned the value of loving myself, and I found that with my newfound confidence, I was a much happier person out of the relationship than I had ever been when I was in it.recommend), specifically this passage: “People who have found happiness within themselves are usually the most desirable to members of the opposite sex and become like magnets because they are at peace and generate a sense of joy.” While these insights aren’t anything new, I felt compelled to examine this concept in more depth because for some reason, I think most of us put this very vital knowledge on the back burner.

If you don’t want to have a bad day or feel bad about yourself, then start thinking great thoughts!

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Everyone has positive attributes, from physical features to personality traits.

From now on, forget what you’re lacking, or what you you’re lacking, and focus on all the incredible things that make you who you are.

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