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In the book, he revealed that Mark Paul-Gosselaar (‘Zack’) and Mario Lopez (‘AC Slater’) both dated Tiffani Amber Thiessen (‘Kelly’) in real life.

Gosselaar and Thiessen got together after their characters split on the show.

This rumor was helped by Mark-Paul's significant change in appearance at the time, but there is no real evidence of steroid use.

Gosselaar has never spefically addressed the steroid allegations, but recently told E!

TIFFANI THIESSEN RECALLS DRINKING WINE IN PARIS AT AGE 16 “They kinda liked each other a bit,” Alonzo recalled of Gosselaar and Thiessen, adding that there was “absolutely” some real-life chemistry between the co-stars. ” “The first kiss between Zack and Kelly was a big deal," he then added.

The case stayed open until 2004, and ultimately was dismissed. He admitted to some cheating at his bachelor party in an interview with Howard Stern.June 2010: Mark-Paul Gosselaar divorced Lisa Ann Russell after two kids and 14 years of marriage, and she later remarries Jeff Probst.In a 2012 interview with Larry King, Probst revealed that Gosselaar's kids often refer to Probst as "Dad." 13.He says, “He was in his dressing room, making out with an extra, and Tiffani came in, catching him red-handed…She was wearing his letter jacket and, in a rage, ripped it off and threw it at him.After that, she ran out.”‘ One of the show’s most popular and iconic episodes centered around another character, ‘Jessie Spano’, played by Elizabeth Berkley.

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According to "Saved by the Bell" actor Ed Alonzo, who played diner owner Max in the beloved series, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen were crushing on one another while portraying high school love interests on screen.