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The new material had a more political stance - ' We Work The Black Seam' dealt with the miner's strike, ' Children's Crusade' with drugs, and ' Russians' with the West's demonisation of communism.He even wrote what he termed "an antidote song" to ' Every Breath You Take' in the shape of ' If You Love Somebody Set Them Free'.

Seeing punk as flag of convenience, Copeland and Sting - together with Corsican guitarist Henri Padovani - started rehearsing and looking for gigs.

A lead role in "The Bride" and supporting parts in "Plenty" and "Julia and Julia" followed before Sting picked up a guitar again. In June 1985, Sting released his first solo album ' The Dream Of The Blue Turtles' and it was a revelation.

Featuring the cream of America's young, black jazz musicians - Branford Marsalis, Kenny Kirkland, Omar Hakim and Darryl Jones - the album showed that Sting had lost none of his songwriting ability by being outside of the Police camp.

So The Police did the unthinkable - they went to America.

The early tours are the stuff of legend - bargain flights to the USA courtesy of Freddie Laker's pioneering Skytrain; driving their own van and humping their own equipment from gig to gig; and playing to miniscule audiences at the likes of CBGB's in New York and The Rat Club in Boston.

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Sting later admitted that he felt ' Zenyatta' was the band's weakest album but by the end of 1980 the band were undoubtedly the biggest-selling band in the country selling out two shows in a huge marquee on Tooting Bec Common in London.

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