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Sa current dating

After the transfer of sovereignty over the canal, those workers migrated to Panama City. Panamanians do not consider themselves former Colombians.

The area of the country is 25,590 square miles (74,046 square kilometers). In 2000, Panama had approximately 2.816 million inhabitants, 700,000 of whom lived in Panama City, with another 300,000 in the immediate suburbs.

On the Panamanian side, city blocks were plotted along radial avenues.

Bella Vista, a gracious area of Art Deco mansions for the elites grew up in the 1920s along the bay. On the "Zone" side there was parkland, with occasional housing clusters.

People of African descent account for 15 percent of the population.

These "Afro-colonials" descend from slaves who were imported in colonial times. The "Afro-Antillean" group descends from Caribbean residents who came to work on the construction of the Panama canal.

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Survivors of the burning of Panama City in 1671 rebuilt a walled bastion on a rocky promontory to the west.

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