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For Christmas that year, the Chuckle Brothers toured with the pantomime A Christmas Chuckle.In 2010, the brothers toured the UK with a special 21st-anniversary show, An Audience With The Chuckle Brothers, which contained a selection of comedy sketches and a question-and-answer session with the audience.(born 18 October 1947) are English children's entertainers, better known as Barry Chuckle and Paul Chuckle as the double-act the Chuckle Brothers.They are known for their work on their BBC show Chuckle Vision, which celebrated its 21st series in 2010 with a stage tour titled An Audience with the Chuckle Brothers.

10 Gang and gave performances in London, Orkney and the Hebrides, Iceland, the Far East, India, and Burma.

Safire joined them again, making it their sixth outing with the brothers; the Patton Brothers also returned.

It was released as a DVD, as with Pirates of the River Rother and Spooky Goings On 2.

The pantomime also starred dancing group The Chucklettes and illusionists Safire.

The brothers' 2008 tour, Indiana Chuckles and The Kingdom of the Mythical Sulk, set in Ancient Egypt, was a parody of the Indiana Jones films.

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"The little people think they're hilarious, and if you add up all the little people across the country who think they're hilarious, you'd think it's Chuckle Vision that should have the 28 comedy gongs, not Little Britain or The Office." In April 2007 whilst on holiday on the Greek island of Cephalonia, Paul broke his nose and suffered cuts and bruises when he lost control of his motorcycle after suddenly braking to avoid a goatherd and flock.

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