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She is 36yr old ,slim,36 d boob,and fair complextion.

I went to my room to take a shower and after that I joined my wife Shruti and Neha at the dining table. And I understood that I have to satisfy her hungry pussy. Shruti came to bed and grab my cock and start stroking whispering in my ear with husky voice about a teen girl next door.

Neha first shocked and whisper in a shaking voice"oooo..kkkkkk........dadddddyy" I continue to pump both boob for next 10 min and slide my hand under her panty and feel the wetness growing between her leg.

I start taking to Neha puting my shaking hand over her belly.I guess I’ll really have to prove myself but first let me tell you a little bit more of what I am really into. I love sex with him especially when mommy is not around. Cum inside my room and play with me, take my sweet little pink cunt any time of the day or night Daddy. Push your cock deep inside me, nice and slow but keep your hand wrapped around my throat. If you need someone to listen to you, to cheer you up before all night long lovemaking I’m perfect for that too. So if you are into it or you cross me I can be the bratty girl of your nightmares.Oh, but do keep in mind, I enjoy every single fantasy that comes out of my pretty little mouth. And don’t be afraid to force me to take every inch of you, no matter how much I say no. So bend over and feel my brand new sex toy, I promise to go easy unless you catch me in a bad mood. And the one who will satisfy all of your depraved fantasies and give you unlimited sex? That’s the kind of stuff I’ve learned when I’ve been throwing fits and getting what I want since I could remember. This is just a taste but I am so much more than that. Now that you know what I am about, put me to the test. Come experience the explicit taste of my sexual fantasies. My daughter Neha greeted me at the door and I gave her a hug and kiss her on her forehead . My wife Shruti while cleaning the dishes look at me with a sexy smile. I am 46 yr old handsome man , now living with my wife Shruti and my 18yo daughter Neha at Kottayam in Kerala. My daughter Neha is a sweet sexy teen with slim figure and 32 c boob. It was a humid summer day and and I came from office at about 7 pm.

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Neha said next morning " Daddy teach me how to save myself from getting raped" " Did u like my teaching Neha"I asked her.