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Rod stewart dating history

After purchasing any truck the desire to “make it your own” is overwhelming, but the first thing we did after purchasing our 1940 Ford pickup was give it a thorough safety inspection, which turned up several items that needed our immediate attention.

After the brake line issues and exhaust problems were addressed, we enjoyed driving the truck for a while but then the itch to change things just had to be scratched.

To that end we ordered a set of 1940 Ford Deluxe passenger-car handles and bezels for the doors.

The art-deco detail lines add the perfect finishing touch to the doors.

The gauge panel fit our opening perfectly and honestly I think the original gauge cluster looks better than trying to crowd five gauges into the stock opening.

Of course the gauge cluster was just the beginning; it was in need of a complete reconditioning.

Actually, after cleaning up the suspension, brakes and motor we did a complete repaint.

The truck also had a mid-’80s GM tilt column that looked too big for the interior and finally the gauge cluster was filled with ’80s-style Stewart-Warner gauges. The cab makeover would be in the style of a mid-’60s hot rod truck.The polished stainless steel column and associated dash and floor mounts provide the perfect look for our vintage interior.The column is small and the chrome-like finish is perfect for a ’60s hot rod truck.Changing from the GM tilt column to the Borgeson Economy Series column meant we would have to relocate and rewire the ignition key.We sourced a new ignition key from Ron Francis Wiring and with help from their tech staff had the wire colors converted from the base of the column to the new switch.

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One of our projects along the way was improving the interior of the truck.