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(though I don't live there anymore) My line came from Westmoreland County, Pa. Found he was a half brother to my Gr Gr Grandfather Peleg M. I believe Jakob and a brother were in the Bernese army, and as thanks were granted citizentship in Rapperswil Canton Bern. ---- I read the entry, December 7, 1999 by Annemarie Farina-Hirzel. Would it be possible to let me have her e-mail address? I was originally born in Victoria, Texas and then moved to Corpus Christi, Texas when I was about two years old. I have to admit that I rooted for Paul Hartzell on many occasions when he was still playing ball. Sincerely, April 21, 2000 First, I'd like to say how super your sites are, I've been roaming them for some time this morning. It seems since you have so many pictures of Seneca county, that you might be the person to ask.... In the history of Seneca County OH 1780-1970 from the family Tree Maker disk #450, I found the following paragraph under Venice Township. In regard to a comment that a Carol Hartzell Sterling made about being a cousin my answer would have to be not to my knowledge.

I am not sure which line yet, though I believe it may be the line of John Jacob Hertzel that marries Maria Catherine Hertzel. There is also a Ernest Hirzel, born 1-7-1876 of Diesbach Bern and died 5-11-1967 in Toledo, Ohio. To everyone else outh there who could help me or would like to know more of my family branch, pease cotact me. My fathers name was Jack (John) Hartzell, originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The whole family got to be with him during his final months. "From 1830 to the present time the school system has been a cherished one in Venice Twonship, In the year mentioned a school building, a very primitive concern in material, architecture and course of study, was erected at Attica. If you have no personal knowledge of this building, do you have any suggestions where I may look for further information? February 10, 2000 I have researched many Seneca families and once tried to send you an e-mail about your Rock Run Cemetery article on the internet and in Seneca Searchers. My fathers name was Paul and he had brothers William, Robert and Howard and a sister Marian.

It is with great interest that I have visited your website and I wish to congratulate you on all the research done.

This village has absolutely nothing to do with the origin of the Hirzel family.

At the beginning of the 14th century the name of the village was still "Hirsol", a word that is related to "Hirse" which is the name of the crop "millet".

I am trying to track down one of the women, Rosa Laughery, so I would appreciate any suggestions you could give me. May 29, 2001 I'm trying to find out who Jeremiah Hartzell's parents are. He married Jane Stringer at Belmont County OH in 1838. NOTE: The Seneca County, Ohio Hartzell Reunion on August 26, 2000 in Bascom, Ohio is open to all spellings of the name with Lehigh or Northampton Co., PA or Seneca Co., OH roots. I found your web page by accident, so appreciate you and your work. I have to mention that in years past, many friends of my family have written me to say that they did not know that I was a professional ball player.

I have reason to believe his parents are John Phillip Hartzell and Elizabeth Conrad but I haven't made a definite connection. The Hartselle Heritage Celebration on September 29 & 30 in Hartselle, Alabama is open to all Hartselle's of all variant spellings. If anyone can answer this question, please sign this page. I repeatedly got this message: The following mail address is unreachable:. I therefore choose this way to get in touch with you. Would like to contact some I found that connect to my line. I tell them that it is a different Paul Hartzell who was a pitcher in the major leagues.

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